How to make a pallet bed Easy [what not to do]

This year Ive been feeling the boho vibes and wanted to make a bed showcases that style. I sold all my furniture in Hawaii so I wanted to make something easy and cheap but also something that would last me a long time and that could be easily transported if I move.

here’s the prices to everything I bought all of the items at lowes and Walmart

6 new wooden pallets 160$ Colmeneros pallets in Phoenix

2 packets of gator sandpaper 4.98$ each [lowes]
2 minwax wood stain 7.98$ each [lowes]
1 clear gloss 11.98 [lowes]
1 drop cloth 1.98$ [lowes]
1 brush 9.98$ [lowes]

Take 2 lol
Safety Gloves 11.84$ [lowes]
Sandpaper gator 3.27$ [lowes]
Staining pad comes with plastic gloves 4.97$ [lowes]
Plastic husky 2.67$ [Walmart]

a total of $232.61

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